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Norman Campus Phase III Return to Campus

The Norman campus is currently in Phase III of its Return Plan. As the nature of COVID-19 remains dynamic, this plan will remain dynamic. This plan applies to all Norman faculty, staff, student employees, students, contractors, and invited campus visitors.

Norman Campus Phase III Plan

Required Masks

Masks are required within all OU buildings to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Mask Policy

Mandatory Screening and Reporting Tool

All OU employees and students must complete the online screening tool when certain scenarios apply. For a list of circumstances in which completing the tool is appropriate, click here.

Complete Form

Employee Resources

OU Human Resources

Remote Resources

OU COVID-19 Guidance

OU Connect

Concerned about family care during COVID-19? Visit to find trusted caregivers for your needs.



Employee Accommodations

The university is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Office of Human Resources is the designated office responsible for assisting employees with the formal ADA process to request reasonable accommodations at the University of Oklahoma.

If an individual has an underlying health condition that they believe may make them at higher risk due to COVID-19 virus, they should contact the Office of Human Resources.

Information about this policy and process can be found here.

Click here for additional information about qualifying situations for emergency COVID-19 PTO and expanded FMLA for COVID-19 related events.

Flexible Teaching

Staff Flexibility



Child Care and/or Caring for a Family Member

If an individual needs leave or intermittent leave for child care or caring for another family member, those requests should be made to HR.

For more information, contact OU Human Resources at