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Trespass Appeals Policy

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Trespass Appeals Policy

The Director serves as the designee for all trespass appeals and is responsible for gathering information and statements in order to review and consider before rendering a final determination.

Any person who has been trespassed is entitled to an appeal.  This appeal must be made in writing and submitted within ten (10) business days from the date the trespass was issued.  Written appeals shall be submitted to:

Kevin Leach

Director of the Department of Campus Safety

160-B Felgar Street, Stuite 200

Norman, OK 73019-6041

or emailed to:

Unscheduled walk-ins are discouraged.

Once a written appeal is received, the Director has up to fifteen (15) business days to review the appeal, including any relevant documents and statements, before making a ruling.  The Director shall submit the decision to the petitioning party in writing to their identified physical or email address.  Other means to contact the petitioning party may be utilized in the absence of a physical or email address when necessary.  Any decisions rendered are final without further right to appeal.  A "Denied" appeal means the petitioning party is not allowed on campus for six (6) months from the date the trespass was issued.