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Say Something

Say Something

The "Say Something" project sought to photograph the diverse and vulnerable nature of unspoken words. See what Sooners had to say.

A few weeks ago, media professionals from OU set up a tent on the South Oval. They weren’t handing out t-shirts, fundraising for a philanthropy, or pushing the latest student housing complex. Posted up where the sidewalks converge on the long green lawn in front of the Bizzell, they invited students to write whatever they wanted in 15 words or less. No prompts. No agenda. They wanted to create a space for student voices to be seen and heard.

Mason Drumm, the creator of the project, called it the “Say Something” campaign. It was an experimental effort to feature the diversity of Sooner voices through portraiture and the students’ written word. "My intention with this project was to photograph the deep, diverse, and vulnerable nature of unspoken words. Students were invited to say something in their own handwriting in fifteen words or less before shooting their portrait,” Drumm said.

Many voices. One Oklahoma. These are Sooner voices when we asked them to say something.

Say Something campaign: I AM Somebody


Class of 2018
MAJOR: Communications

Say Something campaign: Always have integrity


Class of 2017
MAJOR: International Studies

Say Something campaign: Follow your dreams or work for somebody who did!


Class of 2018
MAJOR: Chemical Bioscience

Say Something campaign: BE HERE NOW


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Pre-Med

Say Something campaign: I will eventually graduate


Class of 2018
MAJOR: Finance

Say Something campaign: Black is Beautiful


Class of 2017
MAJOR: Social Work

Say Something campaign: Save the Planet


Class of 2018
MAJOR: Aerospace Engineering

Say Something campaign: I am enough.


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Marketing

Say Something campaign: No ban on stolen land


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Criminology, Pre-Law

Say Something campaign: I'm more than what you think of me


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Chemistry, Pre-Med

Say Something campaign: [Are you free?]


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Journalism

Say Something campaign: Love people beyond the FLAG


PhD Student

Say Something campaign: Black girl magic


Class of 2019
MAJOR: Criminology

Say Something campaign: Cultivate good


Class of 2019
MAJOR: Advertising and Spanish

Say Something campaign: Diversity is GREAT!


Class of 2018
MAJOR: International Studies

Say Something campaign: Do good things


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Biology, Pre-Med

Say Something campaign: Black excellence, elegance, opulence


Class of 2019
MAJOR: Dance

Say Something campaign: Love is Love


Class of 2020
MAJOR: Undecided