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Distance Orientation

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Distance Orientation

New Sooner Orientation begins the transition process for incoming freshman and transfer students. All students will participate in New Sooner Orientation in the Fall and Spring. While the preference is for students to attend the New Sooner Orientation in-person, we understand there may be circumstances that may make this difficult. Please review the information below to see if your situation makes you eligible for Distance Orientation.

What is Distance Orientation?

Distance Orientation is available for students who are unable to make it to OU's campus for in-person advising and enrollment for specific approved reasons. It is an online format that connects you with an academic advisor who will guide you through your course selection and enrollment.

Distance Orientation Eligibility

Please review the eligibility guidelines below before filling out the application to be considered for Distance Orientation.

One or more of these situations must apply:

  • Student lives at least 500 miles from campus.
  • Student lives or currently resides out of the country.

One or more of these situations must apply:

  • Student is currently serving in the Military.
  • Student is attending boot camp or other military training during the available Orientation days.

One or more of these situations must apply:

  • Student has a significant health related issue that prevents attendance at an Orientation day.
  • Student has a significant circumstance that prevents attendance at an Orientation day.

Complete the Distance Orientation Application

Please fill out the application below to begin your Distance Orientation process:

Distance Orientation Application


All submissions of documentation and correspondence needs to be through your OU e-mail. Submission of the application does not guarantee acceptance to the Distance Orientation Program. 

If you have any additional questions, you may contact New Sooner Distance Orientation at


Questions? Contact us at