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Mask Policy

Masks are now required inside buildings on all campuses in accordance with the OU mask policy.


Masking Policy and Protocol

Each OU campus has implemented and will enforce a policy mandating that masks be worn by employees, students, patients, and visitors (1) when they are inside University facilities and vehicles and (2) when they are outdoors on campus and social distancing of at least six feet is not possible.

The Masking Resolution Policy outlines the 123 PPE De-escalation Process, including the steps of 1) Announce, 2) Address, and 3) Act, as well as the Accountability Process for infractions.

The approved masking policy syllabus statement should be included in all syllabi.

Powerpoint slides can be shown at the beginning of class to remind students of the policy and the need to comply before class begins.


Employee Resources

OU Human Resources

Remote Resources

OU COVID-19 Guidance



Faculty Instructional Continuity Guidance for In-Person Courses

Planning for instructional continuity during Fall 2020 should address the potential for students and/or instructors to be absent due to quarantining or illness or for a shift to online class format during the semester. These recommendations should be considered to the extent possible given the nature and format of each course.

Read the Instructional Continuity Guidance

FAQs Regarding Instruction

Read the FAQs


Guidance on Faculty Annual Evaluations

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of faculty work, causing disruptions for faculty in achieving their teaching, research/scholarship/creative activity, and service goals, it is important to approach faculty evaluation for 2020, and potentially beyond, with creativity, flexibility, and understanding. These guidelines were proposed by the Provost’s Office in March 2020 to support this effort.

Evaluation Information

Extension of the Probationary Period

On March 24, 2020, Jill Irvine, Senior Vice Provost, indicated that chairs, directors, and members of Committee A should exercise maximum flexibility in evaluating faculty research and creative activity during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, given the closure of labs, research facilities, and performance spaces.  As a result, all pre-tenure faculty whose appointment began on or before January 2021 are eligible to request a one-year extension to their probationary period due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus.  Faculty who wish to request an extension should complete and submit the form by April 1 of the academic year preceding their mandatory review.  The request for a one-year extension to the probationary period will need to be approved by the chair/director, Committee A, and the Dean before being sent to the Provost’s office for final approval.  

Flexible Teaching Guidelines

During Summer 2020, a flexible teaching request process was established to balance the goals of ensuring that our students have a primarily in-person experience and maintaining safety by exercising discretion toward instructional faculty and graduate teaching assistants who are at high risk or who are the primary caregiver for someone at high risk for severe illness due to Covid-19, but who are not eligible for legal accommodation through the ADA process.  In total, 97% of faculty teaching adjustment requests were approved for fall 2020.

Safe and Resilient Instructional Plan

In spring 2020, efforts began on the Safe and Resilient Instructional Plan, the goal of which was to provide in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible while promoting a safe and secure campus environment. As the summer progressed, additional and more detailed plans were developed and implemented.





Norman Campus Phase III Return to Campus

The Norman campus Phase III Return Plan began Monday, Aug. 3. As the nature of COVID-19 remains dynamic, this Plan will remain dynamic. This plan applies to all Norman faculty, staff, student employees, students, contractors, and invited visitors who will be on campus on or after Aug 3.

Norman Campus Phase III Plan