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Bigger Than Bedlam

OU Together The University of Oklahoma

November 10, 2020
Dear Students,
The annual football Bedlam rivalry between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University spawns intense divisions throughout our state. This year, however, our two schools are joining together off the field to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
Through "Bigger than Bedlam," OU and OSU are encouraging students to get tested for COVID-19 before traveling home for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re also emphasizing the importance of healthy behaviors like masking, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene – measures that will help prevent community spread of the virus, including to family members who may be more vulnerable to illness.
Recommended Actions to Take:
Get Tested for COVID-19.

  • OU students on the Norman campus can schedule a free COVID-19 test at three different locations:
    • Goddard Health Services – Any OU student, faculty or staff member may schedule a COVID-19 test at Goddard Health Services. Testing is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. To schedule an appointment, call (405) 325-4441.
    • Jenkins Avenue Parking Garage – Drive-thru testing is available to any OU student, faculty or staff member in the Jenkins Avenue Parking Garage, conducted by IMMYLabs. To check available testing dates and to schedule an appointment, visit
    • IMMY Labs – Drive-thru testing is available to any OU student, faculty or staff member at IMMY Labs, located 2701 Corporate Centre Drive in Norman. To schedule an appointment, visit
  • After testing and before you leave campus, do your best to self-isolate and monitor your health.

Before You Travel and While You’re Away, Practice Healthy Behaviors.

  • Limit as much as possible your visits to restaurants, bars, parties, or any place where people gather in numbers.
  • Wear a mask as often as possible, but especially when in public settings or around people who don’t live in your household.
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Practice frequent hand washing.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.

When You Return to Campus, Get Tested Again.

  • If you’re returning to campus after the Thanksgiving holiday, we encourage you to get tested for COVID-19 upon your arrival.

The Bedlam football game may be just days away, but off the field, we all have the same goal to slow the spread of COVID-19. It’s Bigger than Bedlam.