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COVID-19 Resources

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COVID-19 Resources


Each OU campus has implemented and will enforce a policy mandating that masks be worn by employees, students, patients, and visitors (1) when they are inside University facilities and vehicles and (2) when they are outdoors on campus and social distancing of at least six feet is not possible. Each campus policy has been reviewed and approved by OU’s Chief COVID Officer and is effective until further notice.

University Mandatory Masking Policy

This document will provide guidance to university faculty, staff, and administrators on the most effective way to implement this process into the academic and cocurricular settings while also providing guidance on effective ways to hold students accountable for instances of policy violations. Additionally, this document will identify the University of Oklahoma Masking Mentors.

Masking Resolution Process

This incident reporting form link is to our General Incident Reporting form for student-related behavior. The Office of Student Conduct utilizes Maxient, which is an online student conduct management software. Through this incident reporting form, OU community members (faculty, staff, and students) can submit reports that may constitute a violation of university policy (i.e. alcohol, drugs, threatening behavior, theft, mandatory masking, etc.). As with any university policy, whenever OU community members (faculty, staff, and students) believe that they have information that supports a student potentially violating university policy, they should utilize this reporting form to submit that information to the Office of Student Conduct. Once the information is submitted, the Office of Student Conduct will evaluate the information to determine if and how we should proceed.

What this form is Not:

This form is not a reporting mechanism/tool for students who believe that they are experiencing COVID 19 related symptoms,

This form is not a reporting mechanism/tool for individuals to report that they believe that someone else is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms,

This form is not designed to keep statistical data for COVID 19 related cases within the University community.

Any individual, that is experiencing COVID 19 related symptoms, or who believe that another member of the OU community is experiencing COVID 19 related symptoms should contact the Goddard Health Center as soon as possible.

Incident Reporting Form

  • Masking Mentors are faculty, staff, and student employees of the OU community. In addition to serving as role models, Masking Mentors will help hold individuals accountable who are not following the University Mandatory Masking policies and procedures using bystander techniques and providing access to PPE. 
  • To further support faculty and staff, de-escalation, informal, and formal accountability processes have been developed and provided for ongoing support. Formal processes may include education through informal/formal resolution, fines, or further disciplinary action. For further information about the enforcement of masking policies see Masking Resolution Process.

The University of Oklahoma encourages students, faculty, and staff to take positive steps when they see others taking actions that are not consistent with University policy related to COVID-19. Because it’s not always easy to have a conversation that may appear accusatory or confrontational, the University has developed these conversation tips.

How you say something is just as important as what you say. Empathy and compassion are helpful communication styles and can be an effective approach during these challenging times. 

Communicating Care: Conversation Tips During COVID-19