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Student Affairs

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Student Affairs strives to enhance students' academic success by developing student skills, cultivating diverse campus life experiences, and enriching the university community through programs and services.

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The SafeRide program provides safe, free taxi and bus transportation to OU students within the Norman city limits. The program operates from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to offer OU students safe transportation at the end of their evening. 

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We're here to help. Student Affairs offers many services to create a safe and healthy environment, including, but not limited to the Behavioral Intervention Team, OU Advocates and the University Counseling Center.

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President Gallogly Announces Executive Selections:

Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Dr. David Surratt

President Gallogly will be presenting several individuals to the Board of Regents for approval at the January Regents meeting including the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Reports to:
    James L. Gallogly, President

Candidate:    Dr. David Surratt (external candidate)

Start Date:    Feb. 11, 2019

Candidate Summary:

Dr. Surratt has 17 years of higher education experience with several colleges and institutions including the University of Oklahoma, Pennsylvania State University, St. Peter’s University, Rosemont College, and the University of California – Berkeley.  He is currently the Assistant Vice Chancellor & Associate Dean of Students at the University of California - Berkeley and has served in various leadership roles there since 2013 including interim Dean of Students and interim Associate Vice Chancellor.  In his current role, he is responsible for a broad array of student affairs programs including residential life, LEAD Center (e.g. Greek Life, Student Organization Advising, and Student Leadership Programs), Recreational Sports, New Student Services, and the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC). Prior to this role, he was the interim Associate Vice Chancellor at UC Berkeley where he managed housing, events and facilities, campus dining, Cal 1 Card Office, and the early childhood education program.  He also held positions as dean of students, chief housing officer, and other student affairs roles at the previously mentioned colleges and institutions. 

Dr. Surratt has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and a Masters of Arts in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and a Doctorate of Education from George Washington University.

Inside OU: Executive Staff Hirings January 7, 2019

Statement on Marijuana usage in response to SQ788

SQ788 Response


The University of Oklahoma (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) receive federal funds, and the two institutions are legally bound to comply with the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA), which mandates the implementation of drug prevention programs and prohibits the use of illegal drugs on campus or at University-sponsored events and activities. The universities must also comply with the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act, which describes the drug-free policies required at workplaces with certain federal contracts. Furthermore, the two Universities must also comply with the Federal Controlled Substances Act (FCSA), which criminalizes the growth and use of marijuana.


Despite the recent passage of State Question 788, the DFSCA requires OSU and OU to adopt and adhere to policies prohibiting the unlawful use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs, including marijuana. Moving forward, OU and OSU will adhere to federal law prohibiting the use, possession, distribution or cultivation of marijuana for any reason at their campuses across the state. Additionally, federal law also prohibits the use and distribution of marijuana for any reason at events authorized or supervised by OSU and OU. Even with the evolving state law permitting marijuana use for medical reasons, it is important for students and employees to know they cannot consume, smoke or possess marijuana on campus even though they might have a card or prescription permitting them to do so.

REPORT: 24-HR Reporting Hotline

OU Innovators Prize

To further enhance responsiveness, the University of Oklahoma has established a 24-hour Reporting Hotline.  The hotline will serve as an added protection for OU students, handling reports of bias, discrimination, physical or mental harassment or misconduct by OU community members.  The 24-hour Reporting Hotline can be accessed by calling 844-428-6531.

24-HR Online Reporting