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OU Board of Regents to Meet in Tulsa

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OU Board of Regents to Meet in Tulsa




NORMAN – A renovation project for Bizzell Memorial Library, storm-hardened shelters for Couch Center and Walker Center, and a strength training and performance center addition to Lloyd Noble Center are among topics to be discussed by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents at its regular meeting Wednesday, Sept. 14, in Tulsa.

The meeting will begin at 2:30 p.m. in the Faculty and Staff Lounge of the Schusterman Center at OU-Tulsa, 4502 E. 41st St., with items submitted by Cameron University, followed by Rogers State University and then OU.

The OU board will discuss a recommendation for OU administration to contract for renovation and modernization of space on Lower Level 2 of the 1983 Neustadt Wing addition to the Bizzell Memorial Library. The renovation will create common areas and work areas to be made available to members of the faculty and graduate students. Significant mechanical and electrical system upgrades also will be required for implementation of the project and will augment future Bizzell renovations.

The OU Regents also will consider a proposal for OU administration to contract for construction for the Storm-Hardened Shelters Project 2. As part of the comprehensive Campus Master Plan of Capital Improvements Projects for the Norman Campus, multiple shelters are being constructed to provide storm refuge for residents of the university’s student housing facilities. Project 2 will construct two above-ground shelters adjacent to Couch Center and Walker Center. Project 1, encompassing three above-ground shelters for residents of apartments at Traditions Square-East, Traditions Square-West and Kraettli, has been completed.

The board also will discuss a proposal for OU administration to contract for construction of the Lloyd Noble Center Strength Training and Performance Center Addition project. Design development plans for the center were approved at the May 2015 meeting. Since that time, a project design effort has been underway, resulting in a revised design development plan for the project, which will provide for an approximately 17,600-gross-square-foot single building addition to the south of the existing two practice court gymnasiums used by men’s and women’s basketball programs. This redesign will provide significantly improved strength training facilities for both basketball programs as well as for student-athletes competing in other OU athletics programs. As a part of the project, space for a Performance Center also will be constructed to provide for performance equipment, testing and assessment to help student-athletes improve overall athletic performance.

The next meeting of the OU Board of Regents is scheduled for Oct. 25 and 26 in Lawton.

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