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OU to Hire Additional Clinical Psychologist

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NORMAN—University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren announced Friday that adequate funding would be allocated to hire an additional psychologist at the University Counseling Center in order to further support mental health services for students and alleviate wait times.

“The health and safety of our students must always be our first concern,” said Boren. “This includes providing adequate mental healthcare, which is vitally important. Even with the severe budget situation which we face, I feel that we must address the need for more adequate mental health resources delivered in a more timely fashion. While it is not a final solution, I have directed that adequate funding be allocated to add an additional trained psychologist to the University Counseling Center staff at Goddard Health Center. Recruitment of this professional will begin immediately. This should help shorten the wait time for students seeking help. I have also asked for a continuing review of our programs related to mental health.”

Boren had previously authorized the hiring of an additional psychiatrist for the University Counseling Center in 2015.

“The well-being of our student body is paramount, especially for those suffering from a lack of timely mental health care,” said Yaseen Shurbaji, president of the Student Government Association. “When speaking with students, wait times related to the University Counseling Center are consistently at the forefront of each conversation. It brings me immense pleasure to know that OU is listening to students, and that funding will be allocated for a new, trained psychologist. This is certainly a step in the right direction and will help alleviate a burden hindering students from performing their best.”

“I am incredibly appreciative of President Boren’s advocacy for our students,” said Scott Miller, Ph.D., director of the University Counseling Center. “We are all committed to meeting the mental health needs of our campus community. This funding will provide important financial resources to meet this need.”