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Memos & Updates

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Memos and Updates

Memos and Forms on Academic Procedures

Faculty Recruiting

For additional information and resources about faculty awards, visit the Faculty Recruitment and Hiring section of the Provost's Office Website..

Update from the Interim Provost on Faculty Searches - October 2020
Regular Faculty Recruiting Application (RFRA) [Revised for 2020-21]
Best Practices for Faculty Search Committees
Request for Faculty Offer Letter (Regular and Research Faculty and Instructors/Lecturers)
Faculty Start-up Procedures
Request for Permission to Recruit a Research Professor


Academic Programs

New Programs, Certificates, Delivery Modes - Forms

New Program Request Form for New Traditional Program, For New Online Program, or for Existing Program Offered Traditionally at a New Location

Embedded Certificate - New Program Request Form
Existing Program Delivered Electronically
Dual or Joint New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online Programs - Cover Page

Program Modification Forms

Embedded Certificate Designation for Existing Certificate
Program Deletion
Program Suspension
Program Reinstatement
Program Name Change
Program Option Addition
Program Option Deletion
Program Option Name Change
Program Requirement Changes
Other Degree Program Modification

Administrative Changes

1) Addition of Area of Concentration/Track (Level V)
2) Deletion of Area of Concentration/Track (Level V)
3) Addition of a Minor
4) Deletion of a Minor
5) Requirement Changes to an Accelerated Program
6) Addition of an Accelerated Dual Degree Program
7) Deletion of an Accelerated Dual Degree Program
8) Other


Check List and Guidelines for New Program Request Form
Program Approval Tracking - Status
Program Modification FAQ
Request for Program Modification: Instructions
Which Program Form Should I Use?



Agreement to Complete a Course after the End of the Term ("Incomplete" Contract) - FALL 2020
Approval Form to Cancel Course
Approval Form for Course Schedule Change
New Course Designator Request Form
PACGEO Course Approval Memo
University Course (UNIV) Request Form
Intra-Departmental Practicum / Internship / Rotation Letter of Agreement
Practicum/Internship Memorandum of Understanding

Courses - Budget Forms

Academic Service Fee – Call for Proposals
Academic Service Fee Proposal Form
Fee Revenue and Expenses Template
Summer Shared Tuition Request Form

Courses - Resources

Center for Faculty Excellence - Syllabus Support (Website)
Course Approval Process (Flow-chart)
CourseLeaf Instructions - Check Sheet for Submission (PDF)