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Memos & Forms

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Memos & Forms on Academic Procedures

Interactive PDF forms (those which you fill out) must be saved to your computer and then opened with Adobe Reader or Writer if you do not have your web browser configured to already open PDFs with Adobe.

The free version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded to view these forms.

Faculty Recruiting Procedures

Faculty Compliance Issues

Faculty Initiatives

Faculty Evaluation

Awards, Honors, Prizes and Opportunities

Instructional and Curricular Issues

Academic Program / Course Approval and Deadlines


Form Name Revised
Program Modification FAQ (PDF) 16-17
Request for Program Modification: Instructions (PDF) 16-17
Substantive vs. Non-Substantive as defined by the State Regents’ Staff (OSRHE) (PDF) 16-17
State Regents’ Timeline for New Program Approval (PDF) 16-17
Embedded Certificate - New Program Request Form (DOCX) 16-17
Guidelines for New Program Request form (DOCX) 16-17
New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online Programs (DOCX) 16-17
Cover page for Dual or Joint New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online Programs (DOCX) 16-17
Existing Program Delivered Electronically (DOCX) 16-17
Program Deletion (DOCX) 16-17
Program Suspension (DOCX) 16-17
Program Name Change (DOCX) 16-17
Program Option Addition (DOCX) 16-17
Program Option Deletion (DOCX) 16-17
Option Name Change (DOCX) 16-17
Program Requirement Changes (DOCX) 16-17
Other Degree Program Modification (DOCX) 16-17
Administrative/Internal Changes (PDF) 16-17

(1) Addition of Area of Concentration/Track (Level V) (DOCX)


(2) Deletion of Area of Concentration/Track (Level V) (DOCX)


(3) Addition of a Minor (DOCX)


(4) Deletion of a Minor (DOCX)


(5) Requirement Changes to an accelerated program,
        area of concentration, or minor (DOCX)


(6) Addition of an Accelerated Dual Degree Program (DOCX)


(7) Deletion of an Accelerated Dual Degree Program (DOCX)


(8) Other (DOCX)

Substantive Program Changes Process (Flow-chart) (PDF) 16-17
Non-Substantive Program Changes Process (Flow-chart) (PDF) 16-17
Program Approval Tracking (XLSX)    17-18
Course Approval Tracking 17-18
Degree Inventory Reporting -- Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education  
PACGEO Course Approval Memo (PDF) 16-17


Academic Personnel & Budget Records

Other Memoranda / Information