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Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies
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Corey Davidson

Assistant Program Coordinator

Corey joined the NCORE team full time as the assistant program coordinator after working as the AV Coordinator at NCORE 2013. Mr. Davidson is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a double major of African and African American Studies and Film and Video Studies. Before joining the NCORE Team, he worked as a freelance videographer and editor. Corey was also employed as a behavioral health rehabilitation specialist for third and fourth graders in Oklahoma City. He enjoys cats, skateboarding, and ninja turtles and is self-proclaimed president of the cat video society of Norman.


Kathie Nicoletti

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
Conference Logistics Coordinator

Kathie has assumed a permanent role with the NCORE team and will be participating in her fourth NCORE in 2015. Her experience with conferences, meetings, and events spans more than 14 years.

Kathie earned a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Oklahoma and is currently pursuing a Master of Education in adult and higher education. She received a Certified Government Meeting Professional designation in 2006 and a Certified Meeting Professional designation in 2007. Kathie creates jewelry, loves traveling, and can connect most everything in life to a Lyle Lovett song or episode of Friends.

Justin Lincks

Program Coordinator

Justin joined the SWCHRS in 2003 as an assistant to the NCORE program coordinator. Since joining the NCORE team, he has served in various roles, such as webmaster, marketing and public relations coordinator, exhibit coordinator, and audio-visual coordinator. He has also served as the coordinator for the activities of the NCORE National Advisory Council and the Executive Committee. Through his connection to and mentorship by this conference community, Justin has become a committed worker in the service of the issues addressed and the people who are renewed and transformed by NCORE. Justin is also a self-proclaimed revolutionary for love and justice. You will have to ask him for more details on what that means exactly.

Prior to joining the SWCHRS, Justin served in the United States military as a highly decorated weather forecaster for the Air Force.


Debbie O'Dell

Business Manager

Debbie O’Dell came to work for the university in 2009. She began her work as a office assistant. In 2012, Debbie joined the SWCHRS as the account and budget representative. She has since expanded her role to include exhibitor liaison for the NCORE conference and also takes on additional tasks as needed.

Prior to her employment at OU, Debbie was a stay-at-home mom. She appreciates the flexibility that is allowed her so she can attend school parties/functions and be the homeroom mom while still succeeding at her professional goals in a great working environment.


Katie Tate

Administrative Assistant

Katie Tate is the newest member of the SWCHRS/NCORE team. In addition to coordinating aspects of our busy office, she brings bright ideas and contagious energy into the mix. Katie has a long history of community service including building homes in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and ongoing efforts to rescue and care for cats and dogs.