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Programs and Activities

Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies
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SWCHRS Programs and Activities

Student Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Issues Consultation and Tailored Training Activities

The SWCHRS is involved in confidential consultation activities on diversity and inclusion issues working with higher education student athletics programs and teams. These include tailored training activities responding to specific issues and proactive intercultural life skills and conflict management education for student athletes and staff. This research-based training is rooted in the social psychology of prejudice reduction, higher education social justice student development, and intercultural communication.

Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Dialogue, and Conflict Management Training with Military

The SWCHRS is providing in person training and consultation on intercultural communication, intercultural facilitation, and intercultural conflict management for Civil Affairs personnel working in both domestic and international settings. This training is rooted in the social psychology of prejudice reduction and intercultural communication.

Intergroup Dialogue and Intercultural Facilitation Training Institute

The SWCHRS is planning an intergroup dialogue and facilitation training institute. Participants will take part in an intensive workshop series on the research-based practice of intergroup dialogue facilitation. These inclusive skills are applicable in both the traditional intergroup dialogue setting as well as an organizational setting where discussion and dialogue are part of the everyday work. These workshops will benefit organizations and units interested in promising practices that contribute to diversity and inclusion in retention, engagement, recruitment, innovation, and responsiveness. These activities are complex in a diverse society where issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, and immigrant status are addressed every day.

Consultations and Training Information

The SWCHRS is actively seeking opportunities to work with entities and programs in higher education, public schools, nonprofits, private businesses, governmental agencies, and other groups in intercultural communication, intergroup relations, conflict management, specific diversity incident responses, and social justice issues. We can provide proactive training and programming. The SWCHRS can also provide confidential response training and organizational planning specific to public and private incidents of conflict in the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, class, immigrant status, sexual orientation, religion, and other communities.