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Interactive Reports

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IRR Interactive Reports

RR's former data portal, Minerva, has been discontinued. We are currently converting all reports to the new Power BI environment administered by OU-IT. We will also begin creating new content again!

While we have a long list of reports we want to build, what we really want to know is what you need. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments - and, most of all, your suggestions for additional reports. 

To learn more about IRR's interactive reports, get help accessing them, report an error, or suggest improvements and/or new content, please sent us an email at We'll also send notices about new and improved IRR report offerings via Twitter  @ou_irr. 

Below is the link to IRR's Interactive reports (created in Power BI). After clicking the link, you will be prompted to sign in with your OU credentials:

IRR Interactive Reports

A list of current reports is available below.

Report NameCategoryDescriptionRefresh Schedule
IRR First Time Freshmen Pool ReportAdmissions

This report provides applied, admitted, and enrollment counts for the freshman class, with the currently admitting class plus same point-in-time data for the two prior classes.

Five report tabs:

Applied, Admitted, Enrolled

Sex and Race/Ethnicity

Scores (ACT/SAT and HS GPA)

Indicators to Attend

First workday of each week during the freshman admissions season (December through September).
IRR PreEnrollment WeeklyEnrollmentThis report provides preliminary enrollment data for the selected semester, including comparable data for the two prior years as of the same point-in-time. Counts are available by student classification and course campus.First workday of each week during the pre-enrollment window for each semester.
Quality TrendsAdmissionsThis report provides key quality indicators for the incoming freshman class, including overall headcount, average scores and GPA, and general demographics.First workday of each week towards the end of each freshman admissions season (August through September).