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Terry Hawk

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Without Borders: Terry Hawk

Scholarship Recipient Terry Hawk shares how his time at OU has impacted his life and broadened his perspective

Scholarship Recipient Terry Hawk

A native of Schulter, Okla., Terry Hawk has embraced every opportunity to expand his outlook, increase his knowledge, and understand others’ viewpoints and cultures.  Hawk came to OU after graduating from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, where he was exposed to a variety of interesting courses, new ideas, and people from various backgrounds.  “Going to a university was a completely new idea to me,” he said, “because I am the first person in my family to go to college.  It’s given me a broader perspective on life.”

Hawk will graduate from the Honors College with a dual major in chemical biosciences and pre-med and a minor in Spanish this spring.  His academic and professional interests have grown out of various personal experiences, as he’s watched his mother deal with the pain of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, resultant of a workplace injury, and through extensive volunteer work at Manos Juntas Medical Clinic and the Second Chance Animal Sanctuary.  “Volunteering is something I really enjoy.  I think it’s important to help people, as well as animals,” Hawk said.

Hawk asserts that one of his greatest accomplishments during his time at OU has been “learning how to balance all that I’ve taken on, and still being able to enjoy it all.”  His grueling coursework, combined with weekly volunteering, working at the Huston Huffman Fitness Center, and conducting advanced technological research with chemistry department faculty constitutes a very full and demanding schedule.  But Hawk has seized every opportunity to serve and to learn from others.  “There’s a lot more diversity in the way of thinking than I originally thought,” he said.  “I didn’t realize how many viewpoints there could be.  Seeing such diversity has made me think more logically and critically about the subjects I study.”

As the recipient of Beatrice Carr and W. Ray Wallace Scholarship, Hawk has benefitted from the generosity of strangers while at OU.  “Knowing that somebody, a person or an institution, that doesn’t really know you is willing to invest time, effort, and money into your education is a really big vote of confidence,” said Hawk.  “Without these scholarships, I wouldn’t be here.”  Hawk sees the scholarships as not only a benefit to himself, but also as an indication of belief that he will be a benefit to others, thanks to the opportunities that scholarships have allowed him to pursue.

After graduation, Hawk plans to pursue a medical degree, as well as a master’s in nutrition.  His goal is to help people in more than one aspect of health, and he believes that preventative measures are essential to effectively treat the overall wellbeing of a person.  In the future, Hawk hopes to spend some time working in impoverished areas, to experience cultures in their natural aspect, and to continue to learn from each person he encounters along the way.

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