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Pride Uniform Campaign

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Take PRIDE in the PRIDE

Help the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band Purchase New Uniforms for the 2015 Season

Pride Uniforms - old on the left, new on the right
Pride Uniforms - old on the left, new on the right

For many people who attended college, nostalgia often conjures images of glory – that time they aced an exam or hit the game-winning shot for their intramural squad or even that time they successfully asked their future spouse on a date. 

For past and present members of The Pride, the University of Oklahoma Marching Band, glory was often experienced the moment each member dressed in the traditional crimson and cream uniforms.

“You would be surprised how much difference a clean, new uniform makes when performing,” said Karen Renfroe, former Pride member and current executive director of the President’s Associates.  “I can remember when I would play and how excited I would get to just put on the uniform.  I think it is important for this generation of Pride members to have the same experience.”

Unfortunately, thousands of hours of practice and performance in the warm Oklahoma sun have made the uniforms begin to show signs of wear and tear.

“They have seen better days,” Brian Britt, director of university bands, said.  “We’ve had our current uniforms since the 2003 Tournament of Roses Parade, and we are ready to replace them.”

But, rather than simply toss the old uniforms, members of the University Bands administration and the President’s Associates have partnered to restore the glory the uniforms once had by offering them for purchase to those who once wore them and to members of the general public who associate university spirit with the Pride.

“There are many years of memories woven into these uniforms,” Britt said.  “We hope that by selling them, we can find good homes for them and help future generations of Pride members feel the same sense of excitement when they don the new uniforms.”

Proceeds from the sale of the old uniforms will help fund the purchase of new uniforms.  Newer uniforms are expected to arrive in time for the 2015 fall semester and will be made of lighter-weight material to protect Pride members from the risk of heat exhaustion.  

If you or someone you know might be interested in purchasing an old uniform, contact Karen Renfroe at (405) 325-3701 or click here for more information.