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Adelina Solis

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Pursuing a Dream: Adelina Solis

Adelina Solis, recipient of a Sooner Heritage Scholarship and an OU Club Scholarship, shares her story of overcoming adversity and discovering her passion while at OU

Adelina Solis

Adelina Solis’s parents immigrated to Oklahoma from Mexico to provide their children with opportunities, particularly the chance to receive a good education.  “Education is something no one can ever take away from you,” says Solis.  The junior transfer student from Clinton, Okla. is majoring in finance, with a minor in accounting, with the hopes of owning her own business someday.

A first-generation college student, Solis exhibits a great passion for her educational pursuits.  She works with community organizations and local elementary schools as an ESL tutor to ensure that younger students are able to pursue their goals, regardless of their background.

Last spring, Solis was named “Miss Industrious” in the Miss Hispanic OU scholarship pageant, an honor bestowed upon the contestant who raises the most money for her designated cause.  Her platform for the competition was created out of her desire to support education, particularly within the Hispanic community.  Solis believes that education should be challenging, stretching people beyond their limits, allowing them to see what they are capable of achieving.

Solis chose to attend OU because of its high academic standard and esteemed reputation.  It has presented her with a variety of challenges, but with her motivation and determination, Solis is a shining example of what it means to overcome your circumstances.  Her desire to share her story and passion with others is infectious; Solis wants students who find themselves in a similar spot to know they are not alone and to seek help in pursuing their dreams and education.

A recipient of the John & Dana Doughtie Sooner Heritage Scholarship, the Alma Linda Moore Endowed Scholarship, and a scholarship from the OU Club of Clinton, Solis has benefitted from the generosity of others while at OU.  “I’m pursuing a dream here,” she says, “I came here for a purpose, and honestly, scholarships are the reason why I’m here”.  Solis maintains a job in addition to her course load and still had to take out a few loans to cover her expenses, but she believes that “receiving a scholarship is like having someone reaching out to help you.” 

The support that Solis has received has inspired her to be an example to others who are faced with challenges.  “It’s hard, but you have to push yourself,” she says. “You have to motivate yourself to move forward.  You have to work for it.”

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