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Madison Argo

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Sooner Heritage Scholarship helps keep student's dream alive

Madison Argo

After receiving a University of Oklahoma T-shirt for Christmas, a then fifth-grade Madison Argo knew immediately which college she would attend.

“I loved that T-shirt. OU was the first school that was introduced to me as a little kid, and I just loved it,” said Madison, now a biology sophomore at the University of Oklahoma.  “My mother grew up here, and her neighbor was Chuck Fairbanks – the OU football coach.”

Attending OU has been a dream ever since then. However, the Borger, Texas, resident said she would not have been able to become a part of the Sooner family without scholarship support, including Sooner Heritage Scholarships.

“My sister and I both attend OU and we were raised by a single mother, so that definitely places a financial burden on us. We both have part-time jobs to help out, but without the Sooner Heritage Scholarship and other scholarships, I would not be able to attend OU,” she said.

On top of a demanding full-time class schedule, Madison works 30 hours each week to make ends meet.

She said she plans to go to medical school after earning her bachelor’s degree – with OU topping her list – and said her coursework and professors are preparing her to advance to this professional degree program.  Because scholarships have played such an important role as she moves toward her dream of becoming a physician, Madison said she has a simple message to those donors who are helping to make her and other students’ college educations possible.

“You are helping us fulfill our dreams. When I say, ‘I am going to be a doctor,’ I owe that to you,” Madison said. “I am thankful that Sooner Heritage Scholarships are directed to students like me. Being middle class is definitely difficult; sometimes you don’t get as much help as you want or need, but this scholarship reaches out to the middle class and it’s very helpful. I am very grateful that I have this scholarship, because I love OU and I love what I have gotten to learn. It has really prepared me for my future.”

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