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2010 Presidential Professors

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2010 Presidential Professors named during Faculty Tribute

presidential professors 2010

Supported entirely by private donations, Presidential Professorships are designed to honor, reward, and retain top faculty members who excel at teaching and mentoring students. Highly selective, Presidential Professorships are given for four-year terms and provide an annual stipend of $10,000 for full professors and annual stipends of $5,000 for associate and assistant professors. Unless the donor prefers to be anonymous, all Presidential Professorships are given in the name of the donor or as the donor designates.

The 2010 recipients of Presidential Professorships were named during ceremonies on the Norman campus on April 1. The newest outstanding faculty recipients of these awards are:

  • Liesa Richter, professor of law, Thomas P. Hester Presidential Professor; 
  • Chuanbin Mao, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor; 
  • Steven Livesey, professor and chair of the Department of the History of Science, Brian E. and Sandra O’Brien Presidential Professor; 
  • Jill Irvine, director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program, President's Associates Presidential Professor; 
  • Hans Butzer, associate professor of architecture, Carlisle Mabrey and Lurline Mabrey Presidential Professor; 
  • Mohammed Atiquzzaman, professor of computer science, Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor; 
  • Paula Conlon, associate professor of music, Patricia Deisenroth Presidential Professor; 
  • David Craig, associate professor of journalism, President's Associates Presidential Professor; 
  • Ralf Schmidt, associate professor of mathematics, Nancy B. Hester Presidential Professor; and
  • Mark Yeary, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, C.B. Hudson/Torchmark Presidential Professor.

For information on establishing a Presidential Professorship, call (405) 325-3701. 

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