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On-Campus Resources

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On-Campus Resources

The University of Oklahoma offers a variety of academic and student support resources. These services are available to all OU students who need additional support and guidance as they pursue their degree from OU.

Contact us if you have an on-campus resource that you would like featured.

Learn more about OU scholarship opportunities, including the CASH  Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub application and the Work Assistance Tuition Waiver.

Oklahoma Memorial Union, Suite 370
(405) 325-3136
Student-led organization that offers emergency funding assistace to students facing temporary hardship.

Stubbeman Village
(405) 325-2044
The OU Food Pantry is a free service available to currently enrolled OU students, faculty and staff who are in need of nutrition assistance.

Suit Up is a partnership between JCPenney and the University of Oklahoma giving students the opportunity to purchase professional dress at discounted prices.  Scholarships are also available.

Academic Resources

Cate Quad 4
(405) 325-8103    Appointment Required
Assists students in overcoming personal challenges to their success at OU. Work with staff to create an action plan.

University Community Center
730 College Ave
(405) 325-3852   Appointment Required
Offers support services and resources to students with disabilities.

Cate Quad 4
(405) 325-1684    Appointment Required
Offers career and major assessement tools that are designed to help you decide on the best major for you.

Wagner Hall, Room 245
(405) 325-7621
Promotes student academic achievement, critical thinking skills and postive study habits. U.C. Action Tutoting, technology resources and study space available.

Wagner Hall, Room 150
(405) 325-2574
Committed to providing programs and services that promote the retention and success of students experiencing academic challenges.

Cate Quad 1
(405) 325-1596   Appointment Required
Designed to support students, whatever their academic college/major, by helping them find a major, return to good standing and connect them with appropriate resources.

Student Affairs strives to enhance students' academic success by developing student skills, cultivating diverse campus life experiences, and enriching the university community through programs and services.

Health Resources

Goddard Health Center
(405) 325-4611   Appointment Required
Provides a broad range of healthcare services for the OU Community.

Sarkeys Fitness Center
(405) 325-1365
Officering a wide variety of fitness options and intramural sports programs. Aimed at creating a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.

Promotes the well-being of all members of the OU Community.#LiveYourBestLife.