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Studies from across the country suggest that food and housing insecurity are impacting large populations across the United States — in fact, recent data suggests that more than 40% of student are food insecure and more than 10% have been or currently are experiencing homelessness.*

Students who experience food insecurity, homelessness, or both, also have physical and mental health consequences that negatively impact their campus engagement and academic success.

The University of Oklahoma Food Pantry was established just over two years ago and is run by student volunteers who recognize the importance of eliminating hunger on our campus. Our mission is to contribute to the overall health and wellness of the OU campus community by providing FREE supplemental food assistance.

Our goal is to eliminate food insecurities and provide educational resources to members of the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Community who are in need. You can be a part of this effort! Please donate and help an OU student, faculty, or staff member in need. Click here to learn more!

25% of
OU students
53% of
OU students
55% of
OU students
56% of
OU students
dropped a class
due to food insecurities
missed a class
due to hunger
forced between purchasing a
textbook or groceries
while in college

*Data referenced from California State University's Comprehensive Study for Basic Need Security (2016 – 2019), which mirrors national statistics on college students.