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Eligibility for Aid

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Eligibility for Aid

Federal Eligibility Requirements

✔  Be admitted and working toward completion of an eligible degree.

✔  Have earned a high school diploma or GED.

✔  Be a citizen or eligible non-citizen.

✔  Have a valid social security number.

✔  Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

✔  Comply with the U.S. Selective Service registration requirements (males only).

✔  Not be in default on any previous student loans. This also applies to parents applying for Direct PLUS Loan.

✔  Not owe a refund or repayment on any previously-awarded federal grant.

✔  Demonstrate financial need for need-based aid.  (Not all types of aid require need.)

✔ Be enrolled at least a half-time - 6 credit hours for undergraduate students and 5 credit hours for graduate students.

✔ Institutional scholarships, combined with other federal, state and/or institutional aid, should not exceed the published Cost of Attendance.

International Students

Students who have non-immigrant visa status (indicated by F, J, L, or G visas) are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.  Please visit the OU International Student Services website for more information.