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Financial Aid Outreach

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Financial Aid Outreach

Financial Aid Outreach is designed to raise awareness about federal, state, and institutional student aid and resources that are available to students who plan to or are attending post-secondary institutions. Our experienced Outreach representatives provide useful support to help make the financial aid processes easy and straightforward for students and their families. We make every effort to educate the community by developing collaborative relationships with University of Oklahoma staff and faculty, K-12 schools, community college campuses, community organizations, and public service programs.


  • Participate in on-campus and community events
  • Financial aid presentations for students, parents, and educators
  • Hands on assistance with financial aid application (FAFSA)
  • Resource tabling available for all events
  • On campus events and workshops available

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To request an Outreach event, please submit an Outreach Request form.

All outreach event requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing and confirmation of your Outreach Event request.
Outreach Request form

Event Option     Overview & AudienceFormat & Duration
FAFSA Application Workshop
  • Provide assistance to students/parents with online FAFSA application
  • 10 people minimum 

Parents need to bring their tax returns to complete this application

computer lab with Internet access is required
2hr Limit
8:30a - 3:30p | 4 - 8p

FSA IDCreate FSA ID account for access to Federal Student Aid online systems  20-30 min
cellphone/internet required 
Financial Aid* 
  • Community College students
  • Community organizations
  • HS students
  • Parents 
  • OU groups and affiliates
 slide presentation
Opt. 1 - 30 min
Opt. 2 - 1 hour
Introduction to Financial Aid for OK Residents & Crimson Commitment30 min - 1 hr
Introduction to Financial Aid for Non-Resident students30 min - 1 hr
Transfer Financial Aid
  • Community member
  • Community organizations
  • Parents
  • Transfer students
  • OU groups and affiliates
1hr slide presentation
Resource Table
  • K-12
  • Community colleges
  • Community organizations
  • OU groups and affiliates
  • 20 people minimum
1 table + 2 chairs
3 hr limit until 3:00p,
2 hr limit 4 to 8:30p
Phone: (405) 325-9000  Email: