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Employee Resources

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Employee Accommodations

Norman Campus Contact:

Vanessa Llach

905 Asp Avenue – Human Resources, NEL Building
Norman, OK 73019

(405) 325-1826 (Voice) - (405) 325-3077 (Fax)

OUHSC Campus Contact:

Shane Daniels

865 Research Park, Suite 270

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

(405) 271-2180


Requests for accommodation requires self-identification by the person with a disability and may be initiated by an individual who requires accommodation, a supervisor, or faculty member. For an employee or job applicant, the request can be made during the search process or at any time after hiring. Employees with disabilities are encouraged to visit with their supervisor about the process to request an accommodation or contact Vanessa Llach in Human resources by calling 325-1826, who is responsible for employee accommodations. During that appointment, you will engage in an interactive conversation to discuss the impact of the disability in the job setting, the requested accommodation, and the job position description. All reasonable accommodations are determined on an individual basis specific to the impact of the disability on the individual and the essential functions of the position.