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Health and Community Improvement


large, mixed group of people

Diabetes Prevention Training
This annual conference brings together tribal members to focus on diabetes prevention through general sessions, workshops, and wellness activities.

Disability Education and Training
The National Center for Disability Education and Training designs and delivers cutting-edge training to staff of employment providers in competency-based course leading to certification.

Early Childhood Professional Development Training
The Center for Early Childhood Professional Development helps increase quality care for Oklahoma’s young children by providing training and continuing education opportunities for educators.

Educational Testing, Evaluation, Assessment, and Measurement
E-TEAM designs research tools and evaluations to help organizations understand and use data to solve real-world problems. Their well-rounded evaluations help clients apply fresh thinking and original solutions to complex problems.

Effective Teaching and Learning Training
These courses train public and private providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma.

Executive Training (ETTQ)
Training programs build trust, confidence, and teamwork while producing better communication, improved productivity, and increased effectiveness to intact workgroups or people from the same company. These programs can range from three-hour sessions to multiple-day workshops.

Juvenile Personnel Training Program
This program provides centralized, all-inclusive training to human service personnel in Oklahoma’s public or private nonprofit organizations and alternative schools.

Native Fitness Training
This innovative health promotion program trains individuals to become community fitness leaders and instructors. Participants will learn how to implement and instruct aerobic exercise classes in their Native communities.

Native Health and Wellness
The American Indian Institute is a nonprofit Native American service, training, and research organization created to promote health and wellness in Native communities.

Research and Analysis
The Center for Public Management provides training and assistance to the public and private sectors in topics such as training, project, and event management in addition to information support services. The center offers a diverse set of contemporary, technology-based solutions to help meet the needs of organizations.

Resilience Development Institute
Integrating resilience throughout a community and understanding the principles of effective disaster resilience will educate mayors, elected officials, and community leaders on what effective resilience is, how it can positively impact communities, and how resilience planning can be incorporated into everything a communities does, no matter the size or location.

Ropes Challenge Course
This highly interactive, experience-based learning activity helps energize team members, build confidence, enhance trust, and challenge team members to work together.

School Improvement Programs (Central/South Central Comprehensive Centers)
The Central and South Central Comprehensive Centers are part of a national network of centers that support the improvement of educational outcomes. Central-CC | South C-CC

Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies
SWCHRS brings together businesses, education professionals, the media, as well as government, labor, and community-based agencies and organizations to help create equal opportunities in various areas of society.

Substance Abuse Prevention Services
To prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse and related high-risk behaviors, the Southwest Prevention Center provides training, technical assistance, and materials to schools, community-based coalitions, policy makers, and social service and professional agencies.

Trainer and Team Development Certification Courses
Reflecting the latest research, these courses increase the skills and competencies of human resource development professionals. Three courses are available – The New Trainer Program, The Experienced Trainer Program, and Team Development Training.

Youth and Family Training and Technical Assistance
The mission of the National Resource Center for Youth Services is to provide resources to the youth services community including training and technical assistance in Oklahoma and across the nation.