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Conferences and Events


Advanced Placement Summer Institute for Teachers
New and experienced AP and Pre-AP teachers gather at OU for a week exploring the latest methods and curriculum topics relating to AP course content, organization, and methodology.

Blowout Prevention School
The Blowout Prevention School offers complete, practical, up-to-date blowout prevention courses for both land and subsea applications. Course materials feature the latest methods for increasing operational efficiency, reliability, and safety as well as new technology.

Corrosion Control Course
Corrosion control personnel meet to receive fundamental training on current methods, instrumentation, and corrosion assessment and control.

Feaver-MacMinn Public Seminar
Hosted by an OU professor experienced in interdisciplinary teaching, this College of Liberal Studies seminar offers an open and stimulating environment for visiting scholars and students.

Gas Compressor Short Course
While working in a lab setting, instructors will demonstrate current diagnostic methods and repair techniques on equipment. Each participant will have the opportunity to apply and practice the newly learned skills during the course.

Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference
Since 1951, this conference has gained a worldwide reputation as the principal forum for new ideas, developments, and operations for the preparation and purification of natural gasses and other fuels for market. It is a crucial conference for all professionals involved in the gas processing, gas conditioning, and gas sweetening industries.

Legal Issues in Higher Education
Co-sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, this conference will focus on topics such as: FERPA, ethics rules, legislative process, intellectual property, social media, veterans issues, student discipline, immigration, and more.

Medieval Fair of Norman
Each year, more than 300,000 people attend one of Oklahoma’s largest and most unique living history events, the Medieval Fair, held in Reaves Park in Norman, OK. The free fair, which attracts young and old alike, revives the Middle Ages with more than 200 arts and crafts booths, food, games, jousting tournaments, human chess games, costume contests, and musical performances.

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity – NCORE
This widely attended, multi-day conference helps colleges and universities to create inclusive environments, improve racial and ethnic relations, and expand educational opportunities for culturally diverse and underrepresented populations.

National Pathways to Adulthood Convening
Hundreds of independent living and transitional living professionals from across the country gather together to share their knowledge, experiences, and creativity in order to pursue their common goal – offering compassionate and effective human services to the nation’s youth and families.

National Symposium on Student Retention
This annual conference is focused on sharing current research and evidence-based strategies which support college student success from enrollment through graduation. It provides opportunities for dialogue, networking, and shared understanding with higher education colleagues and showcases effective programs, approaches and best retention practices of four-year and two-year institutions.

Native American Diabetes Prevention Conference and Health Fair
This annual conference brings together tribal members, academics, and health professionals to help prevent diabetes in American Indians.

Native Fitness Training
This innovative health promotion program trains individuals to become community fitness leaders and instructors. Participants will learn how to implement and instruct aerobic exercise classes in their Native communities.

Native Women & Men’s Wellness Conference
This conference joins health professionals and tribal members to promote wellness, health promotion and disease prevention, and behavior health in Native American tribes.

Resilience Development Institute
Integrating resilience throughout a community and understanding the principles of effective disaster resilience will educate mayors, elected officials, and community leaders on what effective resilience is, how it can positively impact communities, and how resilience planning can be incorporated into everything a communities does, no matter the size or location.