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Upperclass Living Options

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Live on Campus as an Upperclass Student


This an exciting time at the University of Oklahoma, where all students have the option to enjoy the very best the University has to offer by living in the heart of campus. As an upperclass student, you can choose from Headington College or Dunham College, Traditions Square East and West or the new Cross Neighborhood complex - scheduled to open fall 2018.

It’s never too early to start thinking about where you’ll live as a sophomore, junior or senior.

Live OU. Everything is here!

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Students who live on campus:

  • Are more likely to graduate and graduate sooner
  • Walk to classes
  • Are close to campus activities
  • Are more engaged and connected
  • Have higher GPAs
  • Live in a safe and secure environment 
  • Have access to academic communities
  • Have off-campus freedom, on-campus convenience
  • Report greater personal growth and development

Spring 2018 Only Upperclass Contracts

Contracts for spring 2018 only are available to all upperclass students. These include Dunham and Headington Colleges and Traditions Square East and West apartments.

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Want more information?

Select the link below to fill out our contact card and request additional information about all of the upperclass living options, or about the benefits of committing to two-years of on-campus housing.

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