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Exhibit 1 Terms and Conditions of the Housing and Food Services Freshman and Upperclass Residence Halls Contract

This document and the policies combined within it constitute part of the University of Oklahoma (hereafter referred to as the University) Housing and Food Services Freshman and Upperclass Contract with its tenants and may be modified from time to time at the discretion of the University.

This University, in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, genetic information, disability, political beliefs, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures.  This includes but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid and educational services. 


Payment shall be made in accordance with the payment plan set forth in the contract or in compliance with an irregular rate if approved by the Director of Housing and Food Services. All housing and food related charges will be billed by the semester. Students who are receiving financial aid will have the student’s housing charges deducted from the student’s aid the sum necessary to pay the Housing and Food Services bill for the semester. Students shall fully pay room and board payments when due. A penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25), plus standard University service charges, shall be assessed for any late payment. Anticipated receipt of financial aid does not relieve student from payment deadlines. Failure to make timely payments may result in denial of housing and denial of future registration until the amounts are fully paid, including damages owed. Should student fail to make a room and board payment, as set forth in this contract, then the University has right to bring court action against the student for possession of the property, recovery of the room and board payment (together with any additional property damages) plus court costs and attorney fees. No refunds will be issued for denial of housing. Payments are due as outlined above even though the student may not receive a statement. Checks should be made payable to the University of Oklahoma and should include the Sooner I.D. number and place of residence. A service charge will be placed on all returned checks, which constitute late payment.


The University reserves the right to refuse future contracts to any residents for whom the University is required to commence court action or for whom it expends any costs in order to obligate the student in fulfilling their duties under this contract. The University reserves the right to refuse future contracts to any resident whose contract has been terminated by the University, or who has violated the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code.


This contract does not include payment of room and board meals during winter break. Limited housing may be available during winter break at an additional fee, which is due on January 21. For additional information about housing options during Winter Break, e-mail us at or call (405) 325-2511. 


The University reserves the right to enter rooms at any time in case of emergency. The University further reserves the right to enter the premises at all reasonable times, upon giving reasonable notice to the student for the purpose of inspecting the premises and to retrieve university property located therein without authorization, or to perform necessary repairs, alterations, improvements, or maintenance, including to abate insects, rodents, or other hazards to provide for the safety and well-being of residents, staff and the University community.


The University cannot assume responsibility for the loss or damage to any of the student’s personal property for any cause, whatsoever. Students are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover such losses. Students shall not park inoperable vehicles in the residence hall parking area. All inoperable vehicles will be impounded at the owner’s expense if not removed or repaired within thirty (30) days. Student shall not keep firearms, explosives, or any noxious, dangerous, or flammable substances within their room or on University property, including parking lots and vehicles in parking lots.


Pets are not permitted. Student shall not keep or allow any dog, cat, fowl, or other animal or pet in the room or the premises adjacent thereto, or in any area owned or controlled by the University.


The University agrees to use reasonable care in furnishing utilities, provided that the University shall not be responsible to furnish utilities in an emergency situation (including, but without limitations, heating, air conditioning, water, gas, electricity, and sewer and garbage service). The obligation of the student under this contract shall not be affected by the failure of the University to provide utilities, nor shall any claim accrue by reason thereof.


The University reserves the right to change room or center assignment and to charge the prevailing rate for the new assignment. Students are not entitled to any particular room or assignment.  Room changes normally will not be made during the first two weeks and the last two weeks of each semester. Room change requests must be approved by the appropriate Center Coordinator; however, room change request forms are available from an RA or at each Center office. Room changes will be granted, if possible, but students may not change rooms without the permission of Housing and Food Services.


The OU SoonerCard serves as the meal card. The OU SoonerCard is non-transferable. If the card is lost or stolen, a meal voucher can be obtained from your center office. Replacement cards are made at the SoonerCard office at the Oklahoma Memorial Union for a fee.


Meal charges and services on the student’s meal contract will start with breakfast on the first day of freshman move-in for fall and for spring. Couch Restaurants (the cafeteria) is open seven days a week. Meal plans are for the fall and spring semesters. Upperclass students do not have to purchase a meal plan; however, meal plans are available as an optional purchase. Enhanced meal plans are also available at an additional cost. For information in regards to Wagner Dining in Headington Hall, please go to


Room assignments are determined by the contract priority date and by the needs of the student. Students may choose their roommate and whether they prefer a suite-style or community style room. Students with special needs based on disability or who have other support needs should make those needs known to the Housing Office so that appropriate accommodations may be made. Any student, who feels uncomfortable or unsafe in their housing assignment due to gender orientation issues, may contact the Director of Operations, Jenn Doughty at (405) 325-2511 or to have a confidential consultation about additional housing options.

Single rooms are available for upperclass or freshman students only upon request and assignment by Housing and Food Services at its sole discretion. Students who occupy a single room and are paying the double room rate may be asked to consolidate into a double occupancy room, unless they agree to pay the single room occupancy rate. Students who wish to consolidate shall do so based on the priority date of their original assignment. Failure on the part of Housing and Food Services to grant a single room request will not be grounds for termination of the contract. In the event of an emergency, a student may temporarily be given a roommate and the student’s account will be charged a double rate instead of a single rate for the affected period. Students wishing to reclassify their room as a single will be billed at the single rate and will not be permitted to revert to the double occupancy rate for the remainder of the semester.


The contract is binding upon execution, provided, and only if, the student is enrolled full-time in classes at the University of Oklahoma-Norman campus during the contract period. Audit courses, correspondence courses (Independent Study), CLEP, Advanced Standing, Intersession, and courses taken at other schools which are taught on the Norman campus, do not count toward enrollment status requirements. A release from its terms can be obtained only under the following circumstances:

• Complete withdrawal from the University of Oklahoma

• Marriage during the contract period when the student will be living with his/her spouse for the remainder of the school year.

• Release from the room and/or board approved by the Housing and Food Services release committee for documented conditions of emergency. Such releases may specify that students remain in other University owned or approved housing.

• Graduation.

Any release granted for any reason other than complete withdrawal from classes, marriage, or graduation may require the student to purchase 25 percent of the remaining value of the contract. The student agrees to pay all amounts due, including any damages to his/her room and his/her pro-rated share of common area damage. In order for roommates to be matched accordingly based on mutual requests submitted on OU residence hall contracts, all roommates must list preferred roommates’ full legal names and OU Student ID numbers. Housing and Food Services will process assignments in June. Priority assignment date is determined by contract completion date. Please note the Enrollment Commitment must be paid in order to receive an assignment. If your preferred roommate does not complete his/her contract in a close time frame to your contract completion/priority assignment date at the time Housing and Food Services begins assigning, you may receive an assignment with a student other than your preferred roommate. Please refer to Room Changes section for room change information.


Should a release from the contract be given, charges will continue to accrue and be immediately due and payable until the student executes the proper procedures, including (1) obtains a withdrawal form from Housing and Food Services, (2) has them signed by the Resident Adviser of the student’s living unit, and (3) vacates and removes his or her belongings from the residence hall. The student agrees to vacate him/herself and all his/her belongings from the residence hall within 48 hours of the release or termination. No refunds or credits will be given when withdrawal occurs during the first two or last two weeks of the semester. It is understood and agreed that the student shall, at the termination of this contract, by expiration or otherwise, surrender the premises in as good a condition as on the date of this contract with normal wear and tear expected. The student will be charged and immediately owe the additional cost of repair.


Residents shall comply with all applicable city, county, state and federal laws and regulations, and all rules and regulations of the University of Oklahoma, The University of Oklahoma Student Code, including rules and regulations that specifically apply to the Residence Halls, as indicated in the Residence Hall Community Living Guide. Student rooms and all common areas shall be used for residential purposes only by the Student and no business or commercial activity is permitted. Students are responsible for all damages to their rooms and their pro-rated share of common areas. Residency when the student is not currently enrolled (such as summer, move-in periods, and other university breaks) is a privilege contingent upon student’s agreement to abide by all university regulations. Student must be enrolled for summer if living in the Halls. Students found to be in violation of any university regulations regardless of enrollment status will be subject to appropriate sanctions including but not limited to payment of damages and removal, as appropriate.


The University retains the right to terminate this agreement upon violation of its terms or in the best interests of the contract, students and/or the University as determined by Housing and Food Services.  Additionally, the University reserves the right to modify, or terminate, housing arrangements at any time.  This contract can also be terminated upon violation of any provisions of the University of Oklahoma Student Code, if such violation places in jeopardy the safety and/or the property of residents of the University. The student may appeal the decision through Housing and Food Services..


Notice of cancellation must be in writing (a letter signed by the student or e-mail from the contracted student’s OU e-mail account) to the Housing and Food Services Office at or 1406 Asp Avenue, Rm. 126, Norman, OK 73019-6091, and must be received before the cancellation date of May 1, 2015. Failure to cancel by this date will result in forfeiture of your Enrollment Commitment or advanced payment. Students who sign a contract for the 2015-2016 academic year who cancel their housing contract prior to May 1, 2015 will be refunded their paid advanced payment. Students planning to enroll for the spring 2016 semester only who cancel their contract prior to Nov. 1, 2015 will be refunded their paid advanced payment. Cancellations received after the above stated cancellation deadlines will result in forfeiture of the entire advanced payment. If the advanced payment is deferred due to financial aid, and the cancellation is received after stated deadlines, the deferred amount will be charged to your student account. Students who fail to cancel prior to the start of their entering semester are responsible for all fees and must comply with the Terms and Conditions as stated in the Residence Hall Contract. A written cancellation received after these dates does not guarantee release from the Housing and Food Services Contract. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to Housing and Food Services. Once the contract begins any housing cancellations will incur two mandatory fees (when applicable): The Housing Administrative fee of $165 for cancellation of housing assignment and/or a Meal Plan Administrative fee of $250 for cancellation of meal plan. In addition to the administrative fees, students who withdraw from the University will be prorated at a daily rate for Room and Board. No refunds or credits will be given when withdrawal occurs during the first two weeks or last two weeks of the semester. This contract is binding upon execution, provided, and only if, the student is enrolled full-time in classes at the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus, during the contract period. Audit courses, correspondence courses (Independent Study), CLEP, Concurrent Enrollment, Advanced Standing, Intersession, and courses taken at other schools which are taught on the Norman Campus, do not count toward enrollment status requirements.