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Logos & Trademarks

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Brand Standards

OU Logo

OU Monogram

The interlocking OU is the preferred mark used to represent OU. There are three options available for the primary logos. These three primary logos can be used interchangeably. Visit the Interlocking OU Logo section.

OU Seal

OU Seal

The University Seal is primarily used for official university purposes, such as the publications of the institution, its certificates, diplomas, legal documents and printed materials in conjunction with official functions of the university. Visit the OU Seal section.


OU Athletics

OU athletics can be represented by the interlocking OU logo, The University of Oklahoma helmet art, the Sooner Schooner, or The University of Oklahoma athletics wordmarks. Visit the OU Athletics section.

Department & Academics

OU Academic Marks

Departments and academic marks utilize the interlocking OU logo, OU wordmark, and department or area name. Versions are available for both web and print media. Visit the Academic & Department Marks section.