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George McLaurin Leadership Initiative

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George McLaurin Leadership Initiative


The George McLaurin Male Leadership Initiative and the Sylvia A. Lewis Women's Leadership Initiative recruits some of the most valuable prospective students to the University of Oklahoma. The Office of University Community and Admissions & Recruitment identify outstanding incoming freshmen and high school students in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas and Houston school systems to come to the University of Oklahoma to tour, network, and find a home at our University. 2017 will be the fourth year for programs like this to be hosted at OU - we plan to bring 200 young men and women to campus from underrepresented schools with an emphasis on first-generation college students. There are three steps to the initiatives: 

    1. The first stage consists of a three day conference held on OU's campus from April 28th - 30th. 

    2. The second stage is the Scholarship Banquet.

    3. The final stage involves a mentoring and retention strategy plan. 

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