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Diversity and Inclusivity Academic Council

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Diversity and Inclusivity Council

The Diversity and Inclusivity Academic Council is the primary advisory committee to the leadership of University Community on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our academic colleges and departments on the Norman Campus.

The priorities of the Diversity Council are to review and advise on critical diversity issues; to coordinate diversity programs and initiatives across the University; to advise on and manage diversity planning; and to identify and disseminate best practices.

Members of the Diversity and Inclusivity Academic Council include members of the University administration, staff members, and faculty members; and works with students and staff in the Office of University Community to carry out its goals.

Additionally, each college is charged with appointing a Diversity Liaison to work closely with the Office of University Community in matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Council Representatives

Anthony NataleSchool of Social Work/SWCHRS

Belinda Biscoe

Interim Senior Associate VP for Outreach

Daniel Mains

Assistant Professor of Honors and Anthropology

Dorion Billups

Gaylord Coordinator of Community Inclusivity

Dr. Charlie Warnken

Associate Dean of Architecture

Eric Sourie

Human Relations Instructor

Felix Wao

Director of Academic Assessment

Francisco Rodriquez

Administrator for Liberal Studies

Janis Paul

Associate Dean of English Assessment Program

Kathrine Gutierrez

AP for Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Kelvin White

Associate Dean of Students of Arts & Sciences

Lillian Miller

University Student Program Specialist

Lisa Morales

Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Mashhad Fahs

Assistant Professor for Petroleum and Geological Engineering

Noah Theriault

Assistant Professor for International & Area Studies

Paola Lopez

Director of Student Development and Community – Arts and Sciences

Sarah Robbins

Dean's office: Director of PR and Strategic Initiatives

Shelly Grunsted

Executive Director for Center for Student Success

Stan Evans

Associate Dean of School of Law

Sherri IrvinAssociate Dean Graduate College

Yvetter Walker

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs – Gaylord