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About CIS

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About CIS

Welcome to the David L. Boren College of International Studies!

The David L. Boren College of International Studies (CIS) was officially created in January 2011 as a reflection of former President David Boren’s vision of advancing international educational opportunities for all OU students.  Today CIS houses the Dean’s Staff, the academic Department of International and Area Studies, the Office of Education Abroad, the Office of International Student Services, the OU in Arezzo Study Center and a number of other international institutes and centers.  Together, these various offices, departments and centers work to provide a range of opportunities for students to learn about the global community in which they live.
We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our academic programs, study abroad opportunities and international activities.  Should you have any questions or desire any additional information, please feel free to contact us by phone at 405-325-1396 or email at - or drop by the CIS offices located in Farzaneh Hall.  We hope that you will join us in our efforts to Get Up and Global!!

Core Values

  • OU community and CIS family
  • Global engagement, citizenship and fluency
  • Cultural respect and tolerance
  • Curiosity and lifelong learning

To be a national center of excellence and innovation for international education.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the David L. Boren College of International Studies is to expand the OU international experience and develop compassionate, open minded citizens and leaders by enhancing global engagement and educational opportunities.

Suzette Grillot

Suzette Grillot

Dean, David L. Boren College of International Studies
William J. Crowe, Jr. Chair in Geopolitics
Vice Provost of International Programs

Rebecca Cruise

Rebecca Cruise

Assistant Dean, David L. Boren College of International Studies

Welcome from the Deans

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the David L. Boren College of International Studies!

Since its inception in 2011, the College has grown immensely and continues to provide opportunities of a lifetime for students. The dedication to international learning, research and service at the University of Oklahoma has never been greater. With active support from President Boren, the University community, and an active Board of Visitors, the College continues to work diligently to provide incredible international experiences, relevant and engaging courses, and exciting cultural activities on campus. It is always a great time to think internationally at OU.

We have some of the most intelligent, adventuresome and well-travelled students studying here at CIS, as well across the OU campus. Our Office of Education Abroad has worked hard to organize and offer students opportunities to study in amazing places such as Chile, South Africa, Egypt, China and Italy, among many other destinations. We are also very proud to announce that we are organizing two new signature study abroad programs – in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Puebla, Mexico – that will open for student enrollment in summer 2015. These programs are similar to our signature study abroad program in Arezzo, Italy where students experience the language and culture, as well as study the history, politics, economics and societies, of another country, but live and study in OU organized facilities and take classes in English from OU faculty.  OU students may also receive financial support to pursue these and other international and educational opportunities. We believe all OU Sooners should have the opportunity to grow and learn by studying overseas.

In 2014, the College launched the OU Fellowship for Global Engagement scholarship program for incoming freshmen. The program offers students who commit to being globally engaged throughout their undergraduate experience a significant monetary scholarship to assist them in studying abroad. For more information about this program you can visit the Global Engagement website.

In addition to developing and facilitating OU student opportunities abroad, the David L. Boren College of International Studies supports the Office of International Student Services (ISS) as it works to bring international students to campus and services their immigration, programming and academic needs throughout their studies. The ISS staff serves over 2,000 international students and their dependents from approximately 120 different countries. Programs such as New International Student Orientation, Friends to International Students and the International Advisory Council help to incorporate international students into American college life, as well as expose members of the university and the local community to different cultures and ways of life. Ultimately, this large and vibrant international student body at OU serves to enrich cultural awareness and diversity across campus.

CIS is very fortunate to also have excellent faculty within the Department of International and Area Studies.  IAS faculty have been trained in disciplines as diverse as Political Science, Anthropology, History and Economics, and focus on global areas such as Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, as well as topical areas such as human rights, global security and international political and economic development. In addition to taking courses offered by outstanding faculty, IAS students are guided through the program by our award-winning academic advising staff. Over the next few years the number of IAS faculty and the array of IAS classes offered will continue to grow, which enhances even further the international experiences available at OU.

As the David L. Boren College of International Studies continues to develop, we welcome your suggestions on what we can do to make your international experience at OU the very best.

We encourage you, as always, to join us and Get Up and Global!


Suzette Grillot, Dean
Rebecca Cruise, Assistant Dean

Contact the David L. Boren College of International Studies

David L. Boren College of International Studies
729 Elm Ave. Farzaneh Hall (formerly Hester Hall), room 107
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
Phone: 405.325.1396
Fax: 405.325.7454