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Logos & Trademarks

The University of Oklahoma

A federally registered trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design that has been applied for and granted by the federal government and is protected by law.

Elements trademarked by OU:

  • PROMOTE the university through licensed products and other licensing arrangements,
  • PRESERVE OU’s history by protecting historically significant and important trademarks,
  • PROTECT OU’s image and reputation through trademark usage, ensuring entities using OU’s trademarks for commercial purposes have the legal right to do so
  • PROFIT from the sale of officially licensed merchandise and other licensing agreements, which fund various university programs.

Trademarked Phrases

Phrases trademarked by OU include The University of Oklahoma®, There’s Only One Oklahoma®, and Boomer Sooner®.  A complete list of OU's trademarks can be viewed at OU Trademarks.

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