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How to Create a Resume

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Building a Resume

How to Create a Resume

Have you ever wondered what makes involvement stand out on a college application? We have some tips to help!

1. Describe It

It’s important to describe both your role and the organization you were part of. If an organization’s name doesn’t communicate its purpose, be sure to describe that in your application in addition to the role you played.

2. Quantify It

Don’t assume the person reading your application knows how much work your role required. For example, how many hours did your role as a Student Council Representative require each week? Or, how many people attended the charity event that you organized? Put some numbers to the role you're listing, whether it's in hours of time or people involved.

3. Build It

Student resumes are great tools to help you keep track of your involvement throughout high school. It will help the application process go quickly, and you can email it to your OU Admissions Counselor so that they can get to know you better!

Download Resume Template

But most importantly, be yourself and be honest by giving colleges a clear and accurate picure of your high school involvement. 

We can’t wait to see your application! Have some questions for us? Contact your OU Admissions Counselor or email the Office of Admissions & Recruitment at or call 405-325-2151.