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The cost of attending college can be overwhelming. Not only does OU assist students financially through scholarships and financial aid, but OU offers students flat rate tuition. A student can take up to 21 hours per semester without paying additional tuition, helping them stay on track to graduate in four years and offers an opportunity for double majors and minors. 

Room & Board$10,994
Resident Total$22,545
Room & Board$10,588
Non-Resident Total$37,926
Tuition & Fees$28,252
Housing & Meals$10,588
Medical Insurance$1,640
Personal Expenses$1,475
International Total$42,600*

*An Aviation-Flying Track or Aviation Management-Flying Track major has an estimated, additional cost of $12,156 per year.
* Undergraduate students in Architecture, Art, Engineering, Computer Science, or Petroleum Engineering have an estimated, additional, one time laptop computer cost of $2,000.

2015-2016 Expenses
Resident Cost
Non-Resident Cost
Tuition/Fees - 18 credit hours
Room & Board 
Graduate Majors Tuition & fees
Architecture Ph.D., Interior Design, Construction Management (18 HRS)$19,600$33,500
Master of Science in Architecture (21 HRS)$22,500$36,400
Regional and City Planning (24 HRS)$25,600$39,500
Landscape Architecture (28 HRS)$29,800$43,700
Master of Architecture (30 HRS)$31,900$45,800
Arts & Sciences (18 HRS)$18,900$32,800
Atmospheric & Geographic Science (18 HRS)$19,300$33,200
Business (18 HRS, except MBA)$19,100$33,000
Master of Business Administration (33 HRS)$37,700$51,600
Master of Accountancy (18 HRS)$20,900$34,800
Earth & Energy, including Petroleum Engineering (18 HRS)$19,400$33,300
Education (18 HRS)$19,100$33,000
Engineering & Computer Science (18 HRS)$19,500$33,400
International Studies (18 HRS)$19,100$33,000
Journalism (18 HRS)$19,800$33,700
Fine Arts (18 HRS)$19,300$33,200
Art (major code M060) (30  HRS)$31,700$45,600
Energy Executive MBA $77,400
Additional Expenses for Dependents
Children (per child)
Graduate Living ExpensesCost
Room & Board (calendar year)$11,050
Books & Supplies$400
Medical Insurance (Plan I, minimum coverage, calendar year)$1,640
Miscellaneous Expenses (calendar year)$750
Energy Executive MBA Living Expenses (one month minimum) $1,160
U.S. Citizen & Permanent ResidentResident Cost
Non-Resident Cost
Tuition/Fees* - 30 credit hours$19,045$29,470
Room & Board $11,036$11,036
Books & Supplies
International Law StudentsTuition & FeesTotal**
Law (31HRS)$31,900$46,500
LLM (24HRS)$34,800$49,400
Master of Legal Studies (18HRS)$18,700$33,300
International Law Student Living ExpensesCost
Room & Board $11,050
Books & Supplies$1,140
Medical Insurance (Plan I, minimum coverage, calendar year)$1,640
Miscellaneous Expenses (calendar year)$750

Estimated yearly costs for new and readmitted students

*This estimate includes 30 credit hours, per hour fees and per semester fees. A number of public institutions report annual cost based on minimum full-time enrollment (24 credit hours). Mandatory fees include: academic facility and life safety, special event, activity, assessment, network connectivity, student facility, library, security services, transit, health, cultural, records and academic advising fees. Note: All costs subject to change. Mandatory fees listed above do not include college or course-specific fees. There are additional college specific technology and enrichment fees in many courses.

**includes tuition/fees and living expenses.


For more information, visit

In-State/Out-of-State Tuition Policy 

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Our net price calculator will help undergraduate students and their families estimate eligibility for financial aid. Access it here.