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What is Meteorology?

Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere to analyze, understand, and predict the weather. Meteorology is used to warn people of severe weather, investigate the causes of variations in our climate, contribute to the debate on climate change, and predict seasonal changes, such as droughts and heat waves. Meteorologists are also involved in increasing efficiency of new energy sources such as wind energy and solar power.

Students can also pursue a number of specialized minor programs, including minors in mathematics, computer science, geography, business, and broadcast journalism for meteorology, which prepares interested students to become television broadcasters.

Do my interests fit?

Meteorology students typically have interests in:

  • Weather
  • Math (algebra, trigonometry, calculus)
  • Science (chemistry, physics)
  • Computer Science

High school preparation should include math and science courses, especially in geographic sciences.

How can OU Meteorology help me?

The University of Oklahoma‚Äôs School of Meteorology is among the largest in the nation. The nationally ranked program gives students the opportunity to learn the skills needed to work in one the fastest-growing and most-influential career fields. Housed within the National Weather Center, the School of Meteorology gives students the unique opportunity to work with professionals in more than a dozen weather-related organizations. The National Weather Center is a world-class teaching and research facility, with expertise extending across weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry; built upon a foundation of excellence in convective storms, radar and mesoscale research. 

What courses will I take?

Meteorology courses may include:

  • Introduction to Meteorology & Lab I & II
  • Atmospheric Dynamics I, II & III
  • Physical Meteorology I & II
  • Meteorological Measurements
  • Mesoscale Meteorology
  • Synoptic Meteorology Lab
  • Senior Seminar I & II - Capstone

How can I get involved?

There are numerous clubs meteorology students can be a part of. Check them out:

  • Oklahoma Weather Lab
  • Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

How can I study abroad?

Meteorology students have the opportunity to study abroad through a variety of programs:

What kind of career could I pursue?

Air Quality Management
Broadcast Meteorology
Consulting Meteorology
Emergency Management
Operational Forecasting

How much will I make?

Median pay for Atmospheric Scientists, Including
    Meteorologists: $92,460
Median pay for Environmental Scientists and
    Specialists: $68,910
Median pay for Environmental Engineers: $84,890
Median pay for Hydrologists: $80,480

*Pay from Bureau of Labor Statistics

Program Accreditation

The School of Meteorology meets the national requirements for a professional meteorology school. We are designated as a world leader in mesoscale, severe storms and radar research in a recent external review. The research expertise spans from tropical to polar meteorology and from weather to climate studies. We are ranked among the top five programs overall in research funding.

OU School of Meteorology

Phone: (405) 325-6562